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9 Day women's Retreat

Garden Route, South Africa
FEBRUARY 24th - MARCH 3rd 2024! 

Desert Hill

Come join a circle of devoted women from around the world on this sacred land.

This retreat is a profound journey into the temple of your feminine essence. You shall undergo a holy initiation and grounding into her depths. Every step of the way, Juliet will support you through this beautiful awakening, healing, discovery and remembering of our divine healing sexual feminine gifts. 


This is a journey of wholeness and holiness, embracing your humanity, embodying your divinity and birthing your soul through your womanly heart, womb and being.


When women support each other on this profound journey, grace emerges and the depths of love, wisdom, power, healing and beauty blooms.


Through the awakening of the Feminine through our womanly bodies, we birth love into the world in union with the Masculine, Great Mother and the Earth.


This is our gift and calling as women during these times!


This duration of time we have to go deeper together will open us to an entirely different place in embodying the Feminine Divine in our sexuality, our hearts, our relationships, our communities, our creations and in our world.

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The days shall be a flow of teaching transmissions, individual and group engagement and a series of feminine embodiment and inner marriage practices. Other processes involve ceremony, ritual, dancing, journaling, contemplation and truthful reflection. There shall be spacious time for integration and contemplation on the land.  

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This is a residential retreat and your investment includes teachings, accommodation and wholesome organic vegetarian meals.


There are three 20% partial scholarships available for women in need of financial assistance and payment plans are available upon request!

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This journey into the feminine unravels ancient conditioning, imprinting and patterning through our bodies and the greater body of Her. 
And touches deep tenderness, where we welcome, and embrace our humanity. 
True healing and harmony is birthed between the feminine and masculine. 

Our wounds become gateways into our woman souls.
Our sexual essence unites with our divinity and our rose hearts bloom with the fragrance of love. 
We remember why we are here and we rest home within our wild and graceful innocent nature.  
Our feminine essence ripples out into our intimate relating with ourselves, our sexuality, our intimate relationships, families, communities and our creations.
The awakening of the feminine births our divinity through our womanly bodies.  

Our lives become rooted in love, wonder, beauty, grace and wisdom.
This is a blessing to all beings and to the world!

This body of work is an inward journey into the depths of your woman soul united with the earth, your divinity embodied.

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Juliet Gaia is the founder of Depths of Feminine Wisdom School. Her gift is to guide women into the remembering of who they truly are, through the awakening of the feminine in harmony with the masculine. Juliet is honoured to have touched over 3000 women across 5 continents with her offerings of love.

Juliet was born in South Africa and has travelled internationally offering her body of work for some years. She now tends holy land in New Mexico with her partner and soul family. Juliet holds in-person retreats in America, Europe and South Africa. Through her Wisdom School she offers three layers of initiation for women on the embodied path of awakening.

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