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About Juliet


juliet haines 


Juliet Haines is an international teacher and facilitator. She has supported thousands of women across the world on this journey of awakening and transformation. Her gift is to guide people into the remembering of who they truly are, through awakening the depths of the feminine, with the masculine in devotion to Her.

Juliet has been a dedicated practitioner for over a decade. Her lineage is through the late Dr Shakti Malan. Juliet’s transmission awoke through immersing in nature opening to the depths of the feminine. She spent hours daily listening and sensing into the fine subtlety of the pure aliveness of the earth moving through her body. It was during this time that she had her awakening and received a clear message that she is here to awaken the feminine in the world. She has been dedicated to this path for over a decade with a deep meeting of the divine masculine within her body, heart and consciousness as penetrating truth, love and presence. 


* Programs with Juliet are held in love and presence . The transmission of the feminine is palpable through her being.


The beginning of my life path was somewhat conventional. I went to university and got married at an early age. I established a home and day-to-day working in an corporate environment. It was during this time where I was unable to rest, and started to realize the disconnection between my body, heart and soul. This began an enquiry of deep contemplation in my life, a longing to discover what love is and who I truly am. My body began to hurt and I heard the call within, that there is more to my sexuality, love and to life itself. I realized that I had created a life from my conditioning and not a life that was true to the depths of who I am. 


I was guided to meet my dear late teacher, Dr Shakti Malan who held an immersion of the feminine in nature. Here I embodied the awakening of feminine of the earth through my body, as pure life. From this time followed five years of initiation into the feminine. I was moved to end my marriage and leave my corporate job. I spent hours daily immersed in nature opening to life moving through my body. This was an inward transformational journey into my heart as love and my body as radiant aliveness. There was much burning and transformation of old forms and ways I had put myself together, silence with no speech as the narratives dropped away, and feeling the tenderness of my humanity, beyond the protective layers. I experienced surrendering into the earth, receiving her love transmission and deep wisdom, feeling connected to all of life with much aliveness and bliss moving through my being. 


My sexuality went through a returning back home within, with no pushes or pulls, manipulations or controls. There was an emptying out of the patterning and conditioning from my personal past, lineage and the collective. I received a clear message that I am here to guide women into the feminine. The feminine continues to awaken more deeply through me, through listening, and the willingness to meet all of myself with love and awareness. My sexuality moves through my body freely, as undulating spirals, sharing wisdom, transforming me and opening the depths of my essence, layer by layer. This essence opens my heart into joy and connects me with the divine and from here I listen and move with life's call.

Through this journey I have embodied the divine masculine, which has been the end of abandonment. He holds me in a present spacious container of love, opens me into clear seeing, deep integrity and a dedication to truth. He is in devotion to the feminine awakening through me and into the world. 


I have worked with thousands of women between the ages of 20 and 70 years old across the world, which has been a journey of birthing my body of work in deep devotion to depths of the feminine awakening in the world.


It is an honor to guide women in their awakening.

I look forward to meeting the women who are called to this body of work.