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We have a set of shared agreements for this program so that we collectively contribute to creating a powerful, safe and respectful container for our journey together over these 12 months.

* I am making an intimate self-love commitment to myself registering for the Sexual Awakening as Embodied Love - 12 Month Online Mentorship Program.


* I understand I shall receive from the Mentorship Program what I put into it and take responsibility for myself.


* I am deeply committed to my self-care on this Online Mentorship and am self-resourced with the ability to find supplementary outside support for my healing process if this is needed. I am responsible for asking for what I need and for my own awakening and transformational journey.


* I understand I shall be part of a global sisterhood. We will be sharing our journey together and I respect the intimacy of this container. I will not publicly share what is discussed live or written form on the private forums .


* I know this program shall awaken a transformation in my life when I deeply participate during the live calls and private Facebook page forum.


* I am committed to being present for myself with love and following through on the financial investment of this program. I will make my payments on time and in the full amount.


* I understand there are no refunds for the Sexual Awakening as Embodied Love Program.


* Any writings by Juliet generated as guidance in response to engagements via email or on online platforms are shared as teaching materials on various platforms. Engagement in written communication with Juliet means agreement with these points.


* Any engagement with Juliet, in either online or in person, are likely to ripple into all areas of your life. The process it awakens needs to be handled with care of yourself. Entering immersions with Juliet requires your sincere dedication to awakening through your sexuality. You acknowledge that Juliet Haines is not responsible for the affects the content may have on you, how you may interpret or use the content or what you may take as a result of having engaged with the content.


* If you are under treatment or have experienced mental health issues, please inform Juliet in advance.

We appreciate your commitment to these agreements during your time on this program.

They provide the foundation for a deep container that shall hold your awakening feminine journey. 

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