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Sat, 12 Aug



Awakening Intimacy with Self, Other & Life - Free Intro Workshop for Women & Men

'Awakening Intimacy' is part of Juliet Gaia's body of work which guides people on a journey of awakening the Inner Union of feminine and masculine essences. This is a foundation for being in intimate relating with all of Life for healing, wholeness, love and embodying your soul.

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Awakening Intimacy with Self, Other & Life - Free Intro Workshop for Women & Men
Awakening Intimacy with Self, Other & Life - Free Intro Workshop for Women & Men

Time & Location

12 Aug 2023, 11:00 – 12:30


About the Event

'Awakening Intimacy' is part of Juliet Gaia's body of work which guides people on a journey of healing and awakening through the union of feminine and masculines essences. We invite you into a sacred container for 1.5 hours where we shall enter into the artful embodiment of present love and create a foundation for being in intimate relating with all of Life for healing, wholeness and embodying your soul.

Women and Men are Welcome!

We will awaken the Inner Union of feminine and masculine essences, and the alignment of our heads, hearts and bellies / consciousness, love and sexual essence.

During this Free Introductory Workshop Juliet Gaia will open the field of intimacy, guide Inner Union and partner practices and share transmission. There will be time for engagement amongst the group. During the partner practices single people will be paired together and couples will be paired together. 

With this deepened Inner Union the layers of protection and conditioning, constructs and patterns that arise in the intimate relating with self, other and the world are unveiled and invited to drop away. Our human wounds and tenderness beneath are revealed and loved, this is where true intimacy is born. We become the embodiment of love with ourselves, with our intimate partners and with all of life.

The inner and outer relating is embraced to meet more of yourself in love, deepen your intimate relating with your partner, your families, your communities and awaken who you truly are in the world.


This Workshop is an introductory offering to a deeper 6-Week Immersion beginning August 19th covering these themes:

Note this 6-week immersion is for women only and there is an option to invite your partner to join you for an additional 2 online group sessions and an in-person weekend retreat. 

Deepen in intimacy with yourself, your partner/family/community and with all of life ~

  • Embrace the Inner Union of feminine and masculine essences within yourself
  • Open into the creative power, love and awareness of the mature feminine and masculine
  • Release the immature feminine and masculine strategies, pushes and pulls which sabotage your life and relationships
  • Embrace and love your wounds as a gateway into your soul, without changing/fixing/trying to get rid of your humanness
  • Unravel your personal, ancestral and collective conditioning about relationship, sexuality and love
  • Release relationship/sexuality/love/masculine/feminine constructs to discover what is true for your being
  • Discover intimacy with others/your partner, as a spiritual path for healing and awakening
  • Allow the death and rebirth of the relating, as the repeating patterns transform in the flame of love
  • Become awake in your projections and unconscious reactions in your intimate relating, and choose to relate from love
  • Become awake in erotic attraction and love fantasy to open real naked intimacy and sacred sexuality
  • Integrate the openings and closings in your intimate relating to open your heart's love and true intimacy
  • Align the three centres of being, your head, heart and belly/ consciousness, love and sexual essence
  • Discover your sexual essence as pure life awakening your heart and aligning your purpose
  • Open into the grace of death to release the old ways in which you have related and created in the world
  • Embody the frequency of 'purpose aligned love in action' in communion with the the Earth
  • Listen finely to the movements of pure life, connected with your soul moving, and allow Life to create through you
  • Awaken direct connection with the Divine Union, the primordial source of the Divine Feminine and Masculine essences
  • Heal the collective sacred wound between the masculine and feminine to awaken love, truth and harmony in our world


The Workshop is Guided by Juliet Gaia:

Juliet Gaia is the founder of Depths of Feminine Wisdom School. Her gift is to guide people into the remembering of who they truly are, through the union of feminine and masculine essences. Juliet is honoured to have touched over 2000 women and many couples in over 20 countries around the world with her offerings of love.

Juliet's guidance comes through her direct connection with the Sophia-Christos wisdom stream and her embodied wisdom of living the Inner Union and being in Intimate Relationship as a Spiritual Path. Her transmission invites the depths of the Divine Union to birth us into wholeness, truth and love.

Juliet’s primordial transmission awoke through immersing in nature opening into the depths. She has spent over thirteen thousand hours listening, feeling and sensing into the fine subtlety of the pure aliveness, potency, love and wisdom of the feminine moving through her body by uniting with the Sun and the Earth. It was during this time that she received a clear message that she is here to birth the feminine into the world alongside women around the world. Juliet has been dedicated to this path for many years with a deep meeting of the masculine, the light of consciousness within her belly, heart and head as truth, silence and presence in devotional love for the feminine.

The feminine continues to awaken more deeply through Juliet, with the willingness to embrace all of her humanity with love and presence. The feminine transmits through Juliet's being with grace sharing wisdom, transformation, power, nourishment, love and healing, birthing the soul petal by petal.

Juliet has been touched by profound beings along her journey of healing and awakening and is in honor to those who have come before her.

Juliet was born on the tip of Africa where she spent most of her waking life. She traveled four continents offering her body of work for some years. She now tends holy land in New Mexico with soul family and her beloved cat Sophia Rose. This land is a birthing ground for the Feminine Divine and a Sanctuary for the Soul. Through the Depths of Feminine Wisdom School she offers online and in-person group programs and private mentorship for women and couples on the embodied path of awakening. She travels annually on pilgrimage to sacred places on the body of the Earth that are calling her to receive keys and to be of service during these transformational times we are living in.

Date & Time of Workshop:

Saturday August 12th, 2023

We shall meet 11am - 12:30pm MST via zoom.

Emial enquiries to Lorienne Oshen on

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