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retreat guidelines



To prepare for the retreat make sure all practical things in your life are taken care of so that during the retreat you have peace. A week before the retreat take time to contemplate your intentions, eat nourishing foods and have good nights sleep preparing your nervous system for deep engagement. If you have travels, it is advised that you arrive at least a day before the retreat begins.



All retreats with Juliet happen in social silence. This means participants focus on their own process and conversation amongst participants is about reflection on the materials of the retreat. We are all together in holding the retreat space and respecting the movement of turning inwards. Let friends and family know you are unavailable. Would be best to turn your phone off and to set up an automated reply on your email account.

Keep a pillow book with you, a journal during the retreat, through which you write about your inner movements, way of thinking, behaving and feeling from your depth and opening.



* Juliet is to be given time and space to rest between sessions, which means keeping engagements to the session times.

* If you are experiencing strong openings, it is more important that you take care of your body and integration, than that you continue deepening. 

* If you are under treatment or have experienced mental health issues, please inform Juliet in advance before booking your place on retreat.


We look forward to welcoming you on this life transforming journey.
May your opening be a profound discovery of who you truly are, as Woman.

retreat agreements

Immersions with Juliet, by either online or in person create deep openings and require a willingness to surrender in love and presence.

Please read these agreements before attending an immersion with Juliet.


Attending immersions with Juliet can be a profound life transforming experience. All participants take care of themselves and their wellbeing during openings. Photo, audio or video recordings are not allowed to be taken by participants during retreat. Entering immersions with Juliet, is giving permission for recorded conversations and photographs to be shared as teaching materials.  


Deposits made for retreats and other events are non-refundable. Full payment takes place close to the retreat, via online solution or upon arrival at retreat, unless otherwise specified. The space of attendance can be given over to a third party in case of family emergency.


Immersions with Juliet are on occasion recorded through visual and audio, to be shared as teaching materials on various platforms. As a participant you may be recorded and are saying yes to this. If you do not wish to be recorded please specify.


Your information creates the basis of a membership. Your name and e-mail are kept in our database to keep you up to date on future events.


Any writings by Juliet generated as guidance in response to engagements via email or on social media are shared as teaching materials on various platforms. Engagement in written communication with Juliet means agreement with these points.


Any engagement with Juliet, in either online or in person, are likely to ripple into all areas of your life. The process it awakens needs to be handled with care of yourself.

Entering immersions with Juliet requires your sincere dedication to awakening through your sexuality.

You acknowledge that Juliet Haines is not responsible for the effects the content may have on you, how you may interpret or use the content or what you may take as a result of having engaged with the content.

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