awakening depths of feminine

with the masculine in devotion to her

a path of coming home to who we truly are.
awakening the depths of the feminine,
with the masculine in devotion to her!
resting into our feminine essence as embodied women.
burning through the untruths & making love to our holy brokenness.
birthing our souls through uniting with the being of the earth.
awakening the divine feminine into the world!
a return to love, a return to soul, a return of the feminine!


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When women support each other on this profound journey, grace emerges

and the depths of love, healing, wisdom and beauty is birthed.

through the awakening of the feminine we birth forms of love into the

world, in honor, devotion and in union with the being of the earth. 

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this journey into the feminine unravels ancient conditioning, imprinting and patterning through our bodies and the greater body of her. this touches deep tenderness in our humanity where we welcome, and make love to our holy brokenness. true healing and union is birthed between the masculine and feminine. our sexuality returns to our divinity and our hearts flower with the essence of love. We remember why we are here and we rest home within our true wild and innocent nature. 
this ripples out into our intimate relating with ourselves, with others and all of life.   
this awakening of the feminine births our divinity through our womanly bodies. this is a blessing to all beings and the world.
a deep journey
embodying our divinity

As we journey into the feminine


Layers open within our bodies


That have been protected and hardened


Opening and softening around our hearts and wombs


emptying into the grace of silent surrender


Spaciousness and holding to feel the feelings

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relationships emerge to be loved and for resolution

healing of hurts where the feminine has been pushed down and banished


unraveling of ancient conditioning, imprinting and patterning


awakening of our divine sexual essence and resting into our power


Being present with all that arises in the deepest compassion


Channeling the potency of our fire, as truth and clarity

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This opens an immense amount of life rising through us


Our womanly bodies surrender into beauty, bliss and radiance


resting deeply within the embodiment of the feminine

uniting with the being of the earth, the throbbing pulse of life


Making love to our human tenderness


She welcomes and invites us home into the depths of Her


into the vast mystery of the blackness of her womb


Nourishing us into our fullness, wisdom and power


Rising through us as what is deeply true to be birthed during these times

birthing our souls through our womanly bodies in union with the earth

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dear women,

I’m honored to guide you on your journey into the depths of the feminine. A journey inwards and downwards embodying your divinity and birthing your soul.


This Point in time in our evolution Women are the Birthers of the New Way. Women all over the World are hearing the Call to Midwife and Tend the return of Love. The return of Earth Wisdom. Women are anchoring the Divine Feminine into the Being of the Earth through deeply Resting into our Hearts and Wombs. Women are Birthers of forms of Love in the World, our Relationships and our Communities rooted in the Feminine and Earth.


The feminine has been repressed and banished for thousands of years and now the depths of Her is awakening with the Divine Masculine in devotion to Her.

This journey is an honoring of the feminine, as the power of creation, the divine mystery of life. She is Great Mother holding us in her nourishment, wisdom, deep knowing and pure receptivity. She softly opens through us as a sacred flower of beauty, devotional love, flame of truth and presence. She is calling us to listen, to come home into her depths, to rest within our divine vessels and to transmit her ancient wisdom during these transformational times in our world. 


I look forward to meeting the women who hear the deep call.


With love and devotion,
Juliet Gaia

honoring divine mother - transmission & guided practice

upcoming live offerings

  • Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul - Oracle Council Solstice Ceremony
    21 Jun, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT-6
    Online Ceremony
    A global Council of Earth Oracle Women who embody ancient future feminine wisdom streams, as midwives of the Earth. You are invited to receive the transmission of being in the birthing canal uniting the Divine Feminine with the Earth Being, which deepens individual & collective Soul Birth.
  • Art of Creation from the Feminine​ - 9 Month Facilitation Program
    07 Jul, 10:30 GMT-6
    Online Program
    This facilitation program is for women who have been committed to the '12 Month Online Program - Awakening the Depths of the Feminine' and who have a deep call and a longing to support the birthing of the feminine in the world through their own unique offerings and essence. By Invitation Only.
  • Awakening Depths of Feminine 6 Day Retreat
    31 Aug, 14:00 GMT-6 – 05 Sept, 12:00 GMT-6
    New Mexico, USA
    This 6 day retreat shall be held on Holy Land in New Mexico. Juliet has tended this land for two years with a circle of women and she welcomes you to commune here in sisterhood for deep transformation and awakening into the depths of the feminine.
  • Awakening Intimacy - Free Online Immersion for Women & Men
    17 Sept, 10:30 – 12:30
    'Awakening Intimacy' is a 2.5 hour Free Online Immersion into the artful embodiment of present love and a foundation for being in intimate relating with all of Life for healing, wholeness and embodying your soul & purpose.
  • Awakening Intimacy - 6 Week Online Immersion (Women & Men)
    08 Oct, 11:00 – 12 Nov, 10:00
    'Awakening Intimacy' is a 6 Week Online Immersion for Women & Men into the artful embodiment of present love. This is a foundation for being in intimate relating with all of Life for healing, wholeness and embodying your soul & purpose.
  • Invitation into the Feminine - Free 4 Week Online Program
    26 Jan 2023, 10:30 GMT-7 – 16 Feb 2023, 10:30 GMT-7
    Online Program
    This program is a pre-birth to Juliet's 13 Month Journey - Awakening Depths of Feminine. Attending this Free 4 Week Program is a Gift from Juliet at no cost and there is no obligation to continue on the year long transformational journey.
  • Awakening Depths of Feminine - 13 Month Transformational Journey
    16 Mar 2023, 10:30 GMT-6 – 04 Apr 2024, 11:30 GMT-6
    Online Program
    Awakening Depths of Feminine is a 13 month journey guiding women into a remembering of who they truly are, through awakening the depths of the feminine, with the masculine in devotion to her.

recorded self-study offerings

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One-on-One Sessions / Mentorship Programs

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In Person Retreat Programs


* Programs with Juliet are held in love and presence. The transmission of the feminine is palpable through her being.



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