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9 Day Retreat, garden route, Cape Town

FEBRUARY 24th - MARCH 3rd 2024! 


5 Day Option Available (Feb 24-28th!)

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This retreat is open to women who are new to Juliet's body of work and to women who are currently on her 13 month program.


If you are new to Juliet's body of work and are drawn to this retreat, you are welcome to schedule a 20 min Discovery Call with Juliet:

Desert Hill

Come join a circle of devoted women on this sacred land in South Africa.

This retreat is a profound journey into the temple of the facets of your feminine essence. You shall undergo a holy initiation and grounding into her depths. Every step of the way, Juliet will support you through this beautiful awakening, healing, discovery and remembering of our divine healing sexual feminine gifts. 


This is a journey of wholeness and holiness, inner union of masculine and feminine essences, embracing your humanity, embodying your divinity and birthing your soul through your womanly heart, womb and being.


When women support each other on this profound journey, grace emerges and the depths of love, wisdom, power, healing and beauty blooms.


Through the awakening of the feminine through our womanly bodies, we birth love into the world. The Divine Masculine is in service to us and we are in union with the Divine Feminine, Great Mother and the Earth.


This is our gift and calling as women during these times!


This duration of time we have to go deeper together will open us to an entirely different place in embodying the Feminine Divine in our sexuality, our hearts, our relationships, our communities, our creations and in our world.

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This part of South Africa has a profound frequency of the Primordial Mother and her raw wild powerful nature. We shall gather in sacred sisterhood for 9 days immersed deep in the mountains near the Southern most tip of Africa. We will be within the region of a Sacred Earth Ley line, which traverses along the spine of Africa into Egypt.

This retreat is part of the three layers of initiation through the Wisdom School and is open to women who are currently working with juliet gaia and to new women who hear the deep call from within.
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Women share their awakening journeys...

  • Become the embodiment of love through awakening the depths of the feminine

  • Remember who you truly are through the power of your divine sexual essence

  • Embrace intimate relating with yourself, other and all of life as a healing and awakening path

  • Love your sacred wounds as gateways into your woman soul and the power of softeneing and vulnerability

  • Embrace intimate relationship with the masculine as a spiritual path for your deepening into wholeness

  • Welcome your feelings by melting the hardened protection around your heart and womb

  • Surrender into the  wisdom and nourishment of the earth as the manifest body of the divine feminine

  • Relax into the vast mystery of life, the sweet fertile nectar of creation, your true essence as woman

  • Embody the power of creation by sitting in the flame of truth that burns through the untruths

  • Surrender into the wisdom and nourishment of the body of the earth, the pulse of life

  • Discover the mystery of life, the feminine fulfilment and open to her grace guiding you

  • Open your radiant inner beauty by embodying your sexual essence within your heart connected to the divine

  • Transform the collective conditioning, personal and ancestral patterning of the feminine creating imprints within your psyche

  • Unify the core split within women's psyches between the virgin and harlot / lilith and eve / light and dark feminine / love and power / heart and belly

  • Heal the betrayal wound amongst women and awaken true deep nourishing holding sisterhood

  • Receive the divine masculine as truth, integrity, containment and devotional love in service to the feminine

  • Deepen into who you truly are, where the masculine is in devotion to the awakened feminine birthing your gifts into the world

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The days shall be a flow of teaching transmissions, individual and group engagement and a series of feminine embodiment and inner union practices. Other processes involve ceremony, ritual, dancing, journaling, contemplation and truthful reflection. There shall be spacious time for integration and contemplation on the land.  

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This is a residential retreat and your investment is between R9,000 - R29,000

(including teachings, accommodation and wholesome organic vegetarian meals).  


There are three 20% partial scholarships available for the Tipi accommodation for women in need of financial assistance and payment plans are available upon request!


Enquire with Lorienne Oshen for South African women rates at

(International Women email Lorienne for international retreat rates)

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R14,400 (1 Spot left)

Bring your own tent and have access to shared outdoor showers and bathrooms

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R29,500 (2 Spots left)

Sharing twin room in a wooden cabin with kitchen, balcony and shared bathroom inside

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R16,800 (2 Spots Left)

Single bed in shared Tipi which sleeps four and have access to shared outdoor showers and bathrooms

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Private room in a wooden cabin with kitchen, balcony and shared bathroom inside

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R25,300 (1 Spot left)

Sleeper couch in wooden cabin with kitchen, balcony and shared bathroom inside

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