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At essence women are radiant love and this love starts to close down at core with their fathers. Trying to get their fathers attention and love the young girl creates these strategies to get love, approval and validation. She sees girlfriends at school getting more attention from boys so she starts to compare herself to her friends and compete for attention. As a teenager through media she receives images of what a sexy desirable woman looks like so she tries to change her body constantly judging the way she looks. She disconnects from her inner beauty and becomes fixated about how she looks on the outside. She fears she is not attractive enough so she manipulates her sexuality to get a mans attention. She sees how her mother is dependent on her father for safety and security and how unhappy her mother is so she decides to become highly financially independent and emotionally autonomous. At some point she completely opens and fully loves a man and the man leaves her so now she holds her heart back and doesn't trust men. When she achieves in life she is valued, but when she loves, deeply opens and feels she gets hurt so she focuses on achieving. She may settle for a safe man out of fear of being alone and not a man that touches the depth of her heart. Or she may do what her mother did and settle for a man that can provide for her and be a good father and companion. Her sexuality becomes another thing she is obligated to do or she uses her sexuality to get what she wants.

These layers of protection form as tension, tightness and hardness in her body. Especially around her heart, womb, belly and yoni. Her feminine sexual essence becomes blocked and her feelings repressed. Her body can form a flat straight shape and her movements can become directed and angular. Her true hearts desire becomes numbed and her deep feminine wisdom closed.

Deep down in the essence of who she is, as woman she has this longing this yearning that is calling her to awaken to the radiant love that she is and to shine this gift of love into the world. To magnetize her reciprocal, a deep man of integrity committed to love who ignites the depth of her heart and the radiance of her feminine sexual essence.

Juliet's gift to this world is to guide women through a journey of releasing these layers of protection in their bodies and hearts created through their conditioning and experiences. Where they reconnect with who they truly are as women. Freeing themselves into radiant love and creating from their essence in the world.

Juliet is offering a Mentorship Program ~ One on One or Intimate Group ~ online or in person.  This mentorship program is for women who are called to go deeper into the awakening of their feminine sexual essence as radiant love and gift to the world. 

Below are a collection of the themes that have emerged during mentoring with women over the years. If these themes call to your heart and you would like to go deeper on this path through One-on-One or Intimate Group engagement ~ be in connection for an initial Enquiry Session. 


* I find it hard to speak my truth in relationship

- Mentorship “Meet your fears and be who you truly are" 


* I go into sexuality to receive love or affection 

- Mentorship “You are radiant love"


* I loose myself in my partner.. I would like to stay connected to myself and be in relationship 

- Mentorship “Rest within self.. Be intimate with self and life.. Meet other and life from this place"


* I seek approval and validation

- Mentorship "Embrace your sexual Sovereignty" 


* I am attracted to unavailable men 

- Mentorship “Full presence with yourself and healing of Abandonment"


* I long for loving intimate relationship and don't know how to attract this into my life

- Mentorship "Clearly call from embodied radiant love the intimate relationship you Yearn for"


* I go into fantasy about sexuality and relationship

- Mentorship “Bring yearning and fantasy into your body.. Feel the agony and ecstasy.. Surrender to deeper Love”


* I find it hard to feel and express my emotions and my body feels closed 

- Mentorship “Feel the numb in the body.. Soften the protective layers.. Open to feeling everything and being fully Alive”


* I feel repulsed by that man ~ I feel attracted to that man

- Mentorship “Repulsion is as strong as Attraction integration for Awakening”


* I have so much energy moving in my body.. I don't know what to do with it

- Mentorship “Harness the fire of your sexuality for transformation and creativity 


* I get triggered then go into projection and defense

- Mentorship “See what the other is mirroring for you as a Gift"


* I want to connect my heart and sexuality.. I’m in the one or the other

- Mentorship “Connecting heart and sexuality within self and with partner" 


* I'm disconnected from my feminine sexual essence.. I feel more masculine

- Mentorship "Open to the mystery and wonder of your feminine essence as radiant love" 


* The man gets scared and closes

- Mentorship “Women stays open in the movement away rested within her Love with no grasping" 


* I try please my partner and go into performance 

- Mentorship “Embody your feminine sexual essence as the movement of love through your entire body" 


* I don't trust my partner and feel he is going to hurt me

- Mentorship "Meet the vulnerability that arrises in the deepened Intimacy and heart openeings"


* I feel obligated to be sexual 

- Mentorship “Move with authentic yes in full body opening as radiant feminine essence"


* I'm continuously trying to change my body and compare myself to other women

- Mentorship "Love your body temple and release the inner and outer judgement / comparison" 


* My heart is closed and I don’t believe I can love again like I did 

- Mentorship “Connect with love beyond your broken heart.. Embrace your pain.. Let it take you deeper into Love"


* When I am around a man I dim my light

- Mentorship “Keep radiance shining, know your feminine radiant power as love" 


* I'm scared of my own power

- Mentorship "Meet your terror and embrace your full radiant power as love"


* I have so much rage and anger inside of me

- Mentorship "Embody and meet your rage with the presence of love.. Transform this into pure Passion and Power"


* I need a man to want me to feel beautiful/desirable/sexy 

- Mentorship “Feel the radiant love within and let it shine from the inside.. Know your Beauty as the feminine embodied"  


* I get scared when my heart starts to open and find it hard to show my vulnerability 

- Mentorship “Opening heart in vulnerability.. Feeling held within self" 


* My partner is clinging onto me and I need more space 

- Mentorship “Create your sacred space and release responsibility for your partners needs/feelings” 


* If I move towards a man is that masculine

- Mentorship “Move with the impulse of Life.. Move with the movement of your Heart.. Not from wanting and grasping"


* I would like more heart communication.. He speaks too much and goes into his head

- Mentorship “Be in silence together.. Talk from truth and heart”


* My partner is engaging his sexual energy with other people

- Mentorship "Trust your bodies knowing and call for Integrity" 


* I’m attracted to other people

- Mentorship “Create an awake relationship with attraction... See the gift of the mirror.. No need for sexual enactment.


* I see I use my sexuality to get what I want.. I don't let anyone close to my heart

- Mentorship "Come home to your sexual divinity and awaken into your Heart"


* I'm disconnected from joy and creativity

- Mentorship "Discover the qualities of your sexual essence as pure creative Life Force and Bliss" 


* I would like to feel whole and balanced

- Mentorship "Union of your inner Masculine and Feminine.. meet yourself with the deepest Intimacy" 


* I would like to deepen intimacy with my partner

- Mentorship "Embody radiant love in intimacy and call Deep Presence"


* I would like to discover who I am and why I am here

- Mentorship "Connect to your wisdom.. Awaken your hearts yearning.. Open your true essence as Gift to the world"

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