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Online Program




12 month Online transformational journey!

& optional

9 month Facilitation training

With Juliet Haines 




Juliet Haines body of work guides women into a remembering of who they truly are, through the

awakening of the depths of the feminine in union with the masculine.

this is a journey of embodying your divinity into humanity. 


With the awakening of the feminine through her body and heart, a woman’s radiant fire of love opens and she starts to live from her true essence. her layers of protection, patterns and conditioning become alive to be felt and released through her body. the depth of the feminine opens as she surrenders into the divine mystery of life. she listens and rests in her deep knowing and wisdom. Her body becomes filled with bliss, she embraces her power and her heart opens with joy.

with the awakening of the masculine in love and honor of her, a woman holds herself in presence. she has clear seeing and is in her sovereignty. She has vision, integrity, is dedicated to truth and in devotion to the awakening of the feminine.

Within the inner union a woman returns home to who she truly is, embodied in her divinity,
knowing why she is here, deeply rested within her being. igniting her love into the world from her soul. 
this journey touches the most tender places in our humanity beyond
the protective layers. meeting with love and presence. where true healing is birthed
between the masculine and feminine.
this journey births divinity into humanity, heaven on earth and brings our world into balance.
From this place of depth in surrender to the divine mystery of the fullness of life,
rising through her as love, she hears the song of her feminine wisdom, she remembers who she is. 
She is called to shine her unique essence into her intimate relationships, creations and the world.
When women support each other on this profound journey, grace emerges and sweetness of beauty blossoms.
It is through the awakening of the depths of the feminine, a new world is birthed.
This is our power and potential as women.
We invite you on this profound journey into the feminine with women across the world.
birthing a new humanity, with the masculine in devotion to her!
This journey is going to take sometime. It requires an intimate commitment to yourself for a year long remembering.
the women who have been dedicated to the inner transformational journey shall be
invited to join the additional 9 month Facilitation Training Program. 

Why Women CLOSE To The Feminine 

At essence women are pure life and love and this innocence starts to close down at core with their fathers. Trying to get their fathers attention and love the young girl creates strategies to get love, approval and validation.

She sees girlfriends at school getting more attention from boys so she starts to compare herself to her friends and compete for attention. Or she can cover her self up as she is getting too much attention and she wants to be liked by the other girls. As a teenager through media she receives images of what a desirable woman looks like so she tries to change her body constantly judging the way she looks.


She disconnects from her inner beauty and sweetness and becomes fixated about how she looks on the outside. She fears she is not attractive enough so she manipulates to get a man's attention. She sees how her mother is dependent on her father for safety and security and how unhappy her mother is so she decides to become highly financially independent and emotionally autonomous.


At some point she completely opens and fully loves a man and the man leaves her so now she holds her heart back and doesn't trust men.


When she achieves in life she is valued, but when she loves, deeply opens and feels she gets hurt so she focuses on achieving. She may settle for a safe man out of fear of being alone and not a man that touches the depth of her heart and body. Or she may do what her mother did and settle for a man that can provide for her and be a good father and companion. Her sexuality becomes another thing she is obligated to do or she uses her sexuality to get what she wants.


These layers of protection and conditioning form as tension, tightness and hardness in her body. Especially around her heart, womb, belly and yoni. Her feminine essence becomes blocked and her feelings repressed. Her body can form a flat straight shape and her movements can become directed and angular. Her true heart's longing becomes numbed and her feminine wisdom closed.


Deep down in the essence of who she is, as woman she has this longing this yearning that is calling her to awaken to the depth of love that she is and to shine her uniqueness into the world. To be in relationship with a deep man of integrity, committed to truth who ignites the depth of her heart and the radiance of her feminine love.


Juliet guides women through a deep transformational journey into the feminine, releasing these layers of protection in their bodies and hearts created through the collective conditioning and their experiences. Where women reconnect with who they truly are. Freeing themselves into pure life and love, resting within the core of their beings, embodying the masculine and their sovereignty, and creating from their unique essence in the world. She holds a transmission of the embodiment of the awakened feminine in union with the masculine. A journey spiraling inwards and downwards into the depths of Her. 

Sexual Awakening As Embodied Love - Juliet Haines
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